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Xps Cornice [$1.00] China
Posted by Longkou Sunshine Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd [Bronze] on 01/22/2016, 07:21:17 AM
Xps Cornice is one new kind of cornice material ,It is used more and more widely in the interior room angels where the wall meets the ceiling Compared with Plaster Cornice which are heavy, can break easily if mishandled, difficult to install and they are not waterproof and will damage if any moisture gets to the product,the xps polystyrene is..
Medical Mold Prototype [$1.00] China
Posted by SHENZHEN AberyMold Plastics Co., Ltd [Bronze] on 01/20/2016, 11:51:00 AM
Shenzhen Aberymold & Plastics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China medical mold prototype manufacturers and suppliers, and we are also one of the professional private medical mold prototype manufacturers with OEM and ODM medical 3d printer prototype, medical 3d printer prototyping, medical 3d printing prototype, medical 3d printing prototyping,..
12V100Ah Dry Charged Car Battery [$5.00] China
Posted by Shenzhen CSPOWER Battery Tech Co.,Ltd [Bronze] on 01/09/2016, 08:21:08 AM
Model NO.:Car Battery N100 Type:Car Battery 12V100ahUsage:Car, Bus, UPS, Electric Power, Lighting, Electric Bicycle, Boat Nominal Voltage:12VDischarge Rate:Low Discharge Rate Shape:Car Battery 12V100ahElectrolyte:Acid Installation:FixedRechargeable:Chargeable Model:Car Battery 12V100ahSize:404X172X225 Mm Nominal Capactiy:100ahBrand..
Thermoplastic Vulcanizate [$1.00] China
Posted by Zibo Bainaisi Chemical Co.,Ltd [Bronze] on 01/08/2016, 08:20:43 AM
Zibo Bainisi Chemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China thermoplastic vulcanizate manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory we are able to produce low price thermoplastic vulcanizate with reliable quality.Application:TPV consists of PP and EPDM, adopts the Nano Technology, has the advantage of thermoplastic processing technology. A..
PCB Solutions Heavy copper PCB [$1.00] China
Posted by Hemeixin Electronics Co.,Ltd [Bronze] on 12/25/2015, 01:19:53 PM
Depending on the power load and power dissipation, copper levels of inner layers at thickness of 105 micron,210 micron,400 micron or 700 micron Copper thickness of outer layers variable from 50&..




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