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With productive piperine factory, Xi'an Hao-Xuan B [$1.00] China
Posted by Xian Hao-xuan Bio-tech Co., Ltd [Bronze] on 02/18/2016, 07:30:42 AM
With productive piperine factory, Xi'an Hao-Xuan Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd is one of the best China piperine, 1-piperylpiperidine manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap products from us.Function: 1. It has the function of treatment for arthritis, rheumatism and skin disease or wound healing;2. It has the function of losing weight, its ability to..
wine boxes for sale WI001 [$5.00] China
Posted by GAODA PACKAGING (HK) CO., LIMITED [Bronze] on 11/03/2015, 08:08:56 AM
Originated used for auto tire and military bulletproof lining, along with the long time development and improvement, it is prevailed using in the fields of military products and high rank outdoor products.Features:a.Several times higher of stiffen fabric structure than normal nylon, polyester and cottonb.everal times hgiher of standing wear and..
wire to wire connector Connector [$5.00] China
Posted by Suzhou IE-Tech Co., Ltd [Bronze] on 10/28/2015, 12:26:20 PM
General Information of ConnectorFPC Producer:Suzhou IE-Tech。,Co Ltd (SIE) Max Size:50 Cubic cent imeter Material: Diversity types of Plastic+ Metal Surface Treatment: Au,Tin,Ni etc Min Tolence: 0.01 Mirco Meter
Waster Water Treatment [$6.00] China
Posted by Zibo Boshan Win-win Chemicals Co., Ltd [Bronze] on 10/12/2015, 11:34:44 AM
Name of IndexStandard ValueTest Value(AL2O3)Content,%≥15.8015.95(Fe) Content,%≤ 0.300.15Water Insoluble Content,%≤ 0.100.085PH (1% water soluble) Content,%≥ 3.03.20Granularity (mm)≤ 53-5




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